Ummmmmmmm how do you keep your cat calm in a 7th grade classroom?

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Kiteman5 years ago
By not taking into a 7th grade classroom!
I have had many cats over the years & would never consider subjecting even the most placid of them to a classroom environment.
Cats don't like being penned in, they don't like busy & unfamiliar environments & they certainly wouldn't like all the chatter & attention of a 7th grade classroom.
If you were to ask a reputable vet what to do they would never give you any kind of sedative just so you can take a cat to school.
Why would you want to do so anyway?
cats get scared easily and sedation is hard on animals.

The problem is that an 8 lb average cat can kick a grown mans butt with their sharp claws and teeth.
If that cat breaks the skin of a child then guess what happens to the animal, its gotta be quarantined as a rabies suspect.
In my opinion a cat is too much of a liability to bring into a classroom.
I have two cats of my own and every time i see an unfamiliar cat i get nervous because the potential risk involved.
you might have luck with this product.
one of my coworkers swear by it when her cat started pooping on the floor next to the litter box
With heavy sedation!
Libahunt5 years ago
I know there are some calming things (chemicals) used for cats at exhibitons/shows. In case you really-really need to take that cat to a class. Ask from pet shops - also ask about side effects and if they reccommend it for your occasion.

But despite how calm the cat seems don't let more than one person at a time touch her. Ask people to keep relatively silent. Don't let the crowd gather tightly around the cat. You really must be in control of the environment. And be prepared to quickly get her to safer place as soon as she expresses unusual nervousness. Safe means silent, uncrowded and also that despite panicking and maybe scratching you the cat would not have a chance to run away and get lost.

And you really must have a good educational reason to take the cat there - she really might not like it.

But I wouldn't use any drug that wasn't given by my vet.

The right cat would make a lot of difference.  I have one that I would not hesitate to take to a classroom.  He loves "parties".  I also have one that would put several students in the emergency room if taken to a classroom.  He doesn't get along very well with strangers.
Vyger5 years ago
Its going to depend a lot on the personality of the cat. Some cats a very shy and they just don't like being around people they do not know. Some of mine run in a panic whenever a car pulls into the driveway, including the UPS or FedX truck. Some people don't believe I have more than a couple because they hide whenever anyone else is around. On the other hand another cat likes strange people and loves to greet everybody. So, the very first thing is don't take a cat that is shy or afraid of people.
Some cats don't like traveling, so that is the next thing. If being in a cat carrier is going to freak them out then you will have a big problem. So it needs to be an animal that is OK with travel.
If it likes to be in a carrier then you might have the complete solution. Just let it stay in its carrier unless and/or until it wants to meet other people. Don't pull it out and pass it around, let it come out and look around and if its comfortable it will meet other people but if its afraid let it stay in its box and it should feel secure there. As long as you don't force it into a scary place (from the cats point of view) it will stay calm. If it has a safe place to retreat to then it might reach out beyond its safe place to explore and meet people.

Make absolutely sure you have permission from the teacher AND the school administration before you take it into the building.
With great difficulty ?

Its not very fair on your cat.