What are "Organic Vapors"?

I was looking at gas masks and I kept seeing filters for "Organic Vapors". What are those? It is farts? 'Cause if it's farts I could use one of them.

orksecurity7 years ago
A wide range of chemicals, but typically what current respirators are intended to block is solvents. Turpentine, paint thinner, etc. If you want to know more about *exactly* what they will protect you from, contact the manufacturer.

Gas masks, of course, were intended to block the even more toxic chemicals that might be used as weapons.
ccrawford46 years ago
Organic compounds compromise an extremely wide range of chemicals. Most people think of organic as something alive or coming from living things, but this is really not an accurate description. Organic compounds are anything that contains carbon. Carbon is the basic building block of all organic substances. Because oil and petroleum products were once living things, and hence, contain carbon, they are organic compounds. Because oil can be converted to so many things (gasoline, paint thinner, perfumes, plastics, etc) all of those materials are considered organic compounds.

Organic vapors typically refer to liquids that evaporate quickly (hence giving off vapors) and are petroleum based... a few examples are solvents in paint, nail polish remover, gasoline, and that smell from permanent markers.
Re-design7 years ago
A fart is an organic vapor.
bowmaster (author) 7 years ago
No one knows.