What are some must have programs for a netbook?

Its running windows xp home by the way.

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gmxx8 years ago
Firefox, open office or ms office, itunes, gimp or photoshop. What are you looking for?
napoleonis8 years ago
haha photoshop really run !!!!!!!!
i have it also on my asus.
must have for me is foxit reader,office 2003(old school,2007 sucks),smplayer,tuneup utilities(mostly for memory optimizer,i have 512 but it's ok),firefox ofcource ,ccleaner,winrar.
Joe Martin8 years ago
  • Rainmeter (Gives you desktop gadgets without the huge use of ram and cpu)
  • Rocketdock (No messy icons!)
  • Foobar2000 (Best MP3 player ever)
  • VLC (Play just about anything you chuck at it)
  • Eeerotate (Even if don't have an eee, Rotates the orientation of the touchpad to use it like a book)
  • Winrar (Brilliant lightweight extractor)
  • ESET NOD32 (Low system use and fast boot antivirus)
  • Foxit reader (PDF)
  • Sims 2 (Runs well, A little choppy sometimes but very playable)
  • Rollercoaster tycoon 8) (Plays no problem, the game is FTW!)
  • Photoshop (I'm running 7, Works great)
  • Office 2007 (Still getting used to this!
I use mine as my main daily computer now, You will be very surprised how much these little things can run I think, Don't think of it as a device for just browsing the internet. Use it as you would a normal computer!
You ran photoshop on a netbook? +1 internets to you sir.
Ran, I run it daily lol
Oh, and really try not to think of it as a "netbook", It can do anything a normal computer can do really.
I would have thought the lack of multicore and higher graphics acceleration would have stopped it from running things like photoshop?
I think you would be supprised at how snappy the atom prossesor is! It supports hyperthreading which helps the preformance. The grahpics on mine are a intel 950 128MB chipset, Runs sims 2 pretty smooth and should support sims 3 at lower settings from the specs I've seen so far.