What are the requirements for PAT test and what is the cheapest place for testing 1 item (UK)? Best awnser gets a patch

Im looking at getting some of me stage lighting equipment tested so I can use it in a public place.
I hope for it to pass first time as I don't want to spend too much money.
I also want to the cheapest place  for testing 1 item in the UK for PAT testing.



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There is no formal legal requirement to have the test done by a "PAT tester", you can self-certify, if you are competent and fully conversant with what the test wants. The simple aim is that all portable electrical equipment is safe to use, and has been inspected to ensure it remains so. That requires either someone who knows what a megger is and knows how to use it, or that you buy a PAT tester and learn how to use that. The basic tests are for earth continuity, and insulation resistance.

You can hire a test meter for 150 quid for a month.
oscarthompson (author)  steveastrouk7 years ago
I was really looking for prices much cheaper than that.

You can probably get one or two done for less - try asking obvious places like school technology departments and the like.

Where are you ?

oscarthompson (author)  steveastrouk7 years ago
Old windsor, Berkshire
Try this, its my final offer.

oscarthompson (author)  steveastrouk7 years ago
Its very good but i need the pass sticker and the date it was certified...Does that do it?

,,your probably gonna get the best awnser and a patch
Buy the stickers, rent the tester, read the manual, do the tests. If you trust your own integrity to examine the equipment power leads, and tighten everything up before you do the test, you have just self certified.

A PAT testing machine has no integrity, and can't see the state of the equipment - you have to decide if its OK. An appliance with gaping holes, exposing naked terminals might "pass" according to the test machine, but not the spirit of the law.....
oscarthompson (author)  steveastrouk7 years ago
But then if I test it ...and.....If the thing went up in flames (somehow) whos insurance is it coming out of? mine or the PAT tester company?
Yours. I don't think the PAT testing company would accept a claim once its left them - PAT is only a GUIDE, its not a guarantee - if someone says "when was it PAT tested, you answer honestly.

75 quid for up to 15 items.

especially knows how to use it. No Hipot tests required?

Megger: An affectionate term for a girl called Margaret? oh..nvm...that's Meggers;-)
"Megger" UK-ian name for an insulation tester.
The insulation resistance checks usually run phase to ground, at a high enough voltage to be a valid hipot.

Ah...understood. I've more often heard it used as a nickname for mega-ohmmeter.

.  Megger (brand name of a megohmmeter) = hipot = high voltage electrical insulation tester
Megger for you too then Nacho ? I thought it was more parochial than that.

.  Everywhere I've worked we called them Meggers (whether made by Megger or not) or, less often, hipots.
It's the same in the US.
kelseymh7 years ago
Have you visited the "official" Web site, http://www.pat-testing.info?  I tried some of the external links from the Wikipedia article, but without much success.

So I tried doing a Google search for "Portable Appliance Testers", London, and got a nice directory hit on the first page of results: http://www.uk-pat.co.uk/.  Have fun!