What batch files should I make?

Give me any ideas for simple batch files I should post to instructables. Any suggestions will be accepted. If you have any ideas for batch files I should make, please post them, and I will make an instructable with them. Please give any ideas. Thank You

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Don't make a batch file, make a tutorial to share your knowledge.

P.S: If you need help with anything, just ask.
Thanks. Also, if any of you want to create colourful batch files, I have a program to do it here.
Or, I can teach you... either way. XD
lemonie5 years ago
I don't like this question.
>"batch files" - these are a waste of time, you should learn something more modern.
>"What - should I make?" - this site if for people to talk about things that they have done, not for people to tell other people what to do.

race.freak (author)  lemonie5 years ago
Then don't bother with it.
Don't bother with batch, Java, HTML, VBS or something? Batch scripts are really old-stuff; they pre-date VGA I should think.

bwrussell5 years ago
Make minesweeper. I don't know, like I said, we don't know what your skill level or specific interests are. You could also try the Burning Questions section of the forum, it's where people post stuff that they would like to see someone make. You could also post a thread for requests there since that is probably where more people look for that sort of thing rather than the Q&A section.
race.freak (author)  bwrussell5 years ago
Minesweeper! Cool idea. Thanks.
rickharris5 years ago
Your project - Your choice really.

Some while ago someone wanted to be able to ghost their HD onto another - Perhaps that's a good place to start
+1, We don't know your interests or skill level. Is there something you do often with batch files? Post that. Is there something you just learned how to do or that people ask you to do for them a lot with batch files? Post that.
race.freak (author)  bwrussell5 years ago
Well, I'm looking for slightly simpler projects such as:
-Minigames (I've made tic-tac-toe before)
-Mini programs like seJma's
-Anything not TOO complicated
Sounds like you've answered your own question. Make a guide about one of those things.
race.freak (author)  bwrussell5 years ago
I'm looking for suggestions, something that isn't yet on the site. What the people want. What would you suggest?
race.freak (author)  rickharris5 years ago
How do you mean "ghost your HD"?
Copy it bit by bit to another Hard Drive
race.freak (author)  rickharris5 years ago
Meh. Not really sure how it would work actually. I'm looking for slightly simpler projects, lol. Sorry