What do I need to know about London?

    I'm going to London, Bath, and Stratford on Avon this summer, and I already asked another question regarding travel and using the Tube.  However, I also want to know more general information about London, Stratford, and Bath i.e. what parts of town are good, what parts one should stay away from, what parts have good food, where are cool places that aren't totally filled with tourists, etc.  Basically I would like general advice for a first trip to Stratford, Bath, and London.  Thanks!

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mma0071 year ago

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bonsa17 years ago
I was born and bred in Bath, so it really depends on what you want to do when you are there. A lot of the touristy things to see are within four miles of the center of Bath, so if you are on a package tour, it is very accessible because of the short distances involved.
           Yes, its busy, but there are plenty of beautiful places without crowds.
As for food, we all have our favorite hideaway places. Hope this helps.  :-)
mad magoo (author) 7 years ago
         Thanks to everybody for your advice!  (especially RavingMadStudios.  Enough said).  I can't get too far away from the places I listed, as I won't be driving, but I can definitely take public transportation if it's there.  I've also got a travel guide.  It's a Rick Steve's.  Even so , no travel guide comes anywhere close to the experience and knowledge of locals  (THE best authentic chinese food I have ever had was in a small restaurant in San Francisco that was located down a back alley of a piece of Chinatown anyone sensible would get the hell out of past dark.  I challenge anyone to try and find that in a travel guide.  Try.)  And finally, @ lemonie:  what exactly are "foreign-looking clothes?"
lemonie7 years ago
Avoid Gyles Brandreth's Teddy Bear Museum in Stratford- I've heard it's not worth seeing.
Consider walking under the Thames (for free)
Don't wear your most foreign-looking clothes.

Kiteman7 years ago
Site member SMART lives there.  Drop him a line.

Apart from that, if you want good stuff with few tourists, you've picked about the three worst places in the UK - all the good stuff will be packed with tourists.

Are you able to spread yourself further afield?  York?  Cornwall?  The Lake District?

 This is good start.

It even lists nearby festivals.


kelseymh7 years ago
Have you tried any travel books, either online or printed?  You are going to want some sort of reference while you're there, and random e-mail-ish replies won't cut it.

Rick Steeves is generally a good resource for lower-cost travel in Europe, and his books have some level of humor to them.  Similarly with Lonely Planet.  My wife and I have liked the Frommer's guides, and they're also available (free!) online. 

If you're low on funds, check out a few guides from your local library and take them with you.  Britain is old enough that things don't really change much year-to-year (except prices), so even a 2007 or 2008 guide would be fine.
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