Whats the best way to clean a Magic Bullet Power Base?

The Milkshake leaked out of the bottom of the container and went through the power base before I noticed it leaking out of the bottom of the power base. Is there any way to clean the inside of the power base?

Or can I just keep using it with out worry of it exploding or something?

Vyger3 years ago
You have to get some of my special Magic Bullet Power Base cleaner solution.

If it has a bottom plate on it that can be removed by taking out a few screws then remove it. Then do what all the safety stickers tell you not to do and wash it in the sink and get it clean. (please unplug unit before washing). Then the most important thing to do is get it dry. Use a hair dryer and get it as dry as possible. Pay attention to anyplace that the water might have gotten into. After you think its completely dry then leave it sit for a couple of days so it can really get dry. After that put the bottom back on and try not to get stuff in it again.
caarntedd3 years ago
You can buy a spray can of solvent used to clean the internals of electrical/electronic equipment (known as contact cleaner around here). Spray it on and scrub with a small paintbrush, it evaporates almost instantly and leaves the surface dry and clean. Should be available at electrical/electronic suppliers, or a decent hardware store.