Where can i find broken or old computer desktop from for free?

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Do you have a local recycling network group?
I'm a moderator on my local Freegle & we get several computers a month.
Checkout Freecycle & see if they have a local group.
Try finding what you want at a local re cycling station
knektek4 years ago
Move to London, then rent a mobility scooter with a large trailer. Go to a rich borough and start collecting computers :)
Otherwise, look on gumtree for some computers or other free stuff in the freebies section.
frollard4 years ago
check your local trade listings to find one. kijiji, ebay, craigslist are FULL of people getting rid of old but usable computers.
sunFlow3r4 years ago
I would just ask around, for instance my Grandpa was getting rid of an old computer and he was happy to just give it to me. Let your family/friends know that you would take one, and I bet they would let you know if they are getting rid of one or know someone who is. Good luck in your search:)
rickharris4 years ago
Ask around, I have 3 in the loft of my garage - But that information isn't any use to you I am in the UK.