Why do people hate RBG's or ARBG's?

I post a lot of RBG's and it seems that they don't appeal to people as much as the Knex guns that shoot rods.

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barrax8 years ago
generally the RGB's are not as exciting/big as the other guns. they are easily 'skeletonised' and they are not the powerful, therefore making the gun not as good as the rod guns, which have more style like that of a real gun.
DJ Radio8 years ago
what IAC said. And there is no innovation in RBG's. My first rbg was hated and I havent gone back since.
dynno97 (author)  DJ Radio8 years ago
There is innovation to be made to RBG's. Its just no one bothers to try.
If you can make a RBG that can go through cardboard, ill sub you.
I'm going to try that. Is paper good enough?
dynno97 (author)  DJ Radio8 years ago
Would taping a knex piece to a rubberband count?
No. That is basically a repeating slingshot at this point.
dynno97 (author)  DJ Radio8 years ago
God D*mnit
Do you think my full auto has innovation?
dynno97 (author)  Millawi Legend8 years ago
Apparently, to DJ, for it to be innovation, it needs to go through cardboard.
Wafflicious8 years ago
Yea i love rbg they so much easier to use in the house
TheDunkis8 years ago
... People need to use their brains. An RBG is practically an upgraded slingshot. You guys are in blind love with slingshots yet you hate rbgs? You can use rbgs to shoot pieces too. Yeah the ones that shoot actuall rubber bands aren't that great but guns like the my Stg and Irwinner's guns are actually pretty decent.
also for the for the fact that i built a rbg, tried putting a piece in the barrel, and it shot 90 ft.
I don't! I think there awesome!
you're the only one.
NYPA8 years ago
i think that is stupid that people don't like rbgs better. Which hurts more? slap of a rubber band ( yeeeow!) or a knex piece? ( ow)
knexsniper18 years ago
the guns with a ram on it looks better and gives a gun a more "gun like" felling to it. not to mention that if you want to get some major distance, your best luck would be with a rod gun because a rubberband gun would have more air resistance and the rubberband will be to light to travel far through the air. plus, when a gun shoots a rod, it is more like a bullet than a rubberband, its all in the looks.
An Villain8 years ago
rod guns usually are more complex like with grenade launchers and scopes, RBG's don't have a scope because rubber bands vary with their shots due to air resistance and sudden gusts. and when someone is coming at you with a grenade like in a knex war you can use a rod gun to blast it out of his hand or blast it in his hand but with a rubber band gun your only hope is to either shoot him to death (highly unlikley) or to run away (which is not fun)
dynno97 (author)  An Villain8 years ago
U can have a scope on an RBG. Even though it wouldn't be accurate.
exactly my point
They arn't really hated, just that knex rods and such have much more mass. More mass = more distance. Elastics lose speed and power really quickley. Rods carry much further.
True, but that doesn't detract from the harmless fun of RBGs.
For sure. They are actually good for indoor wars, as they dont massacre walls, but still sting at close range.
Yeah. Rubber bands are pretty epic you have to admit, my friend & I made a rubber band powered cross bow with trigger, & it's pretty consistant with firing. We should a metal rod half an inch into a plain (plane?) tree. (forgot spelling, sorry)
dynno97 (author)  Kryptonite8 years ago
U should check out my STG44 ARBG assault rifle based on the real one.
Sure, will do, I can't look at it immediately though, really busy & stuff.