Why the Wii can not get viruses?

I already am aware that it is next to impossible to a virus on the Wii, because it has no hardrive, can not run software that has not been secured by nintendo, can not store internet cookies , it can not run any .exe's, has its own porccessor architexture, and its OS does not run like a standard computer OS as long as you have a completely un modded Wii. (which i have). Plus i even have our wireless router set up to use WPA2, pretty much the second most secure wireless encrption. I have explained this to my Dad, but he still thinks you can EASILY get viruses easily on the Wii. SO could someone please give me a easy to understand explaination on why the Wii can not get viruses that i could tell him. Please try to make it very simple and not using very much computer jargan. Note: We also only go on the interent to play other people with games through the WiFi. And you also can't communicate(like talk or chat) with other people when playing the games.

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UziMonkey8 years ago
The Wii is not immune to viruses. However, there are no known viruses for the Wii and you have no risk for getting a virus on the Wii right now. It's unlikely there will ever be a virus on the Wii, mostly because of lack of interest from malware writers, lack of delivery method and difficulty in reverse engineering the Wii machine code. Also, any vulnerability discovered can be patched by Nintendo, rolled out to all clients in a single day. A virus for the Wii would have a hard time staying for long.

A virus, worm or other type of malware needs to exploit a vulnerability in software in order to copy itself to that computer. Since the software for a Wii is nothing like the software for, say, a Windows computer, all the viruses out there on Windows just can't do anything on a Wii. It's like they speak a completely different language. Or like putting a square peg in a round hole.

In short, there's zero danger of getting a virus on a Wii.
chilll20096 years ago
I got the blue screen of death on a wii while playing cod wwII!!!
dsman1952768 years ago
basically, the WII can't run .EXE files that the viruses would come in. and add the fact that a virus has to be made for the processor(this is the same reason that a windows virus does not work on a mac), it has no risk YET. that will all change if/when someone makes a virus for it.
True to an extent, but Macs use Intel processors now - the same architecture as most pcs. The main reason that Wiis are unlikely to get viruses is twofold: First, they don't use the operating system most viruses are written and second there's no reason to write a Wii virus. Well, probably not. Even if there was, you'd have to have a development kit for the Wii to make any program you wrote, including a virus, to run.
However, its the operating system that makes the virus "run-able" or not. Out of the handful of viruses out there that effect linux, they can be run on Intel X86, X64, Sun SPARCStation, IBM CELL (PS3 processor), PS2 "Emotion Engine" (Ive tested it on the Playstation Linuxes) and pretty much anything that can run it. However, i highly doubt that a virus for the wii will be made.
froggyman (author) 8 years ago
thanks UziMonkey, i will try to explain ths to my dad, again, hopefully he will then understand!
vodo8 years ago
the wii is not on the 'net
Sandisk1duo8 years ago
there are NO viruses made for the wii