Will RFID work on a Key fob (Tesco sized Key fob) ? 53mm x 30mm.

Just want to know if it possible with it being small at 53mm x 30mm.

Many thanks,

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harryhaslam (author) 5 years ago
Brill!!! Does anyone know where you can buy just the chips for the RFID as we are trying stuff for manufacturing, i believe you cannot get them (chip) seperatley.

Any help would be great!

You can get RFID tags in many forms. Just talk with a manufacture of the tags.

Are you trying to design and manufacture your own enclosure for the chips?
harryhaslam (author)  mpilchfamily5 years ago
Yes!! Its getting hold of the chips to tinker with and see whether we can make it work.
rickharris5 years ago
Can be tiny if it is a passive device.
Very tiny,,.
So very tiny that it can be implanted in teeth!

frollard5 years ago
Yes, yes it will.

In fact;

Attached is my keyfob rfid to get into our local hackerspace --

Regular north american 'weiser' keys, handcuff key, car key, and grey thing is a fob that reads from about 5-10cm to open our door.

You can't reprogram the code in the fob, you get a fob and it has a unique code; so you can't just use it 'as' something unless the reader you're using is expecting the code in the fob. (You can't take a different fob and put its code IN this fob).