complicated case with outlook password?

I changed my password in MS Outlook 2013. And today I couldn’t enter to my inbox, because I lost text file with written outlook password. I don’t know what can recover outlook passwords.

snorebowq7 months ago

When you don’t know how to get .pst password back… In this instance, you
may only see at

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Kiteman7 months ago

Use the "lost password" button...

Downunder35m7 months ago

Just waiting for the usual spam postings to appear....

First of all are you referring to a password protected Outlook Data Folder (PST file)? (i.e. it prompts for a password before Outlook opens properly).

Or are you referring to the password that is used to autheticate with the mail server? (i.e. the POP3 / IMAP/ Exchange password - In this case Outlook will open but produce a send/receive error when the correct credentials are not provided).

If it is the latter, you need to reset this password from the mail host / server side. Depending on the provider there will probably be a "forgotten password" option on their website.

If it is the former, you will probably need to try a PST password recovery / cracker tool. Try Googling "Outlook 2013 PST password recovery" and see what you find, be wary that most of the available PST password recovery tools only work with Outlook 95-2010.