how can i detect a hidden survaillance camera?

how can i get information leading upon a hidden surveillance camera device

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leebarret7 years ago
I own and I can give you a easy trick. Try using your vehicle radar detector. The newer type the better. Always wondered where you get those unwanted phantom beeps, many are from the surveillance systems in stores. I have many more items to ad to this group, now that I am semi-retired. I will try adding 1 a month if I can.

acidbass8 years ago
look very carefully and if you see something out of the ordinary then you have most likely found it
Koosie8 years ago
Sorry about the double post but I found this:

This should do the trick.
Koosie8 years ago
If it's a night vision camera, you'll find infra-red detectors here in Instructables.

It it's one of those small buggers that you'll have to look for, try making it stand. eg: switch of all the lights, close curtains etc to make the room dark. Grab a very bright flash-light.  Flash it on-off (in a way that no glare comes on your eyes) and look for something reflecting a little more than it should.  It should sparkle like a star, hopefully.
Re-design8 years ago
That's hard.  If it is wireless then you might be able to find if there is one with a scanner or spectrum analyser.  If it's wired these won't be of any help.

The only other thing I can think of is to just look for it.  You'll have to look very carefully at things that you would never suspect.  Any of the books on the bookshelf might contain it.  That dot on the mirror might be a camera behind the mirror.  A/c vent, smoke detector, stuffed animals,  behind the junk on a shelf things like that.

Another suggestion is to look at the videos of you on youtube and locate the location of the camera from the angles of the shots.

Who do you think might have planted a camera?

Good luck.