how can i make wedding invitations?

How can I make most of a wedding invitation at home?

iPodGuy7 years ago
We bought a kit from Target.  Wrote everything up and printed them on the cards and used a little ribbon on them.  We also ordered these stamps for the envelopes and the RSVP.

Took us about two evenings to finish and saved us a lot of dough (plus we like to make stuff).
Is there a theme that would lend itself to something funky  ? 

If there isn't my (now) wife used the special stock papers from Vistaprint to make ours.

lemonie7 years ago
You can buy these things, what do you mean by "make most of a wedding invitation at home" - it's a bit vague as a question.

Jayefuu7 years ago
Step 2 of this instructable shows how RainbowHan and Gmjhowe did it for their wedding......