how do I remove candle wax from glass table top?

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SMattu13172 years ago

I had some candles on and I accidentally spilled the wax all over my glass table do what I just did was use nail polish remover it's easy and fast . I used a napkin to clean it off with and it worked . Then I took some good smelling spray and I sprayed it over my desk so it wouldn't smell and that was it I was finished . When I was taking the wax off,I had to scrub a bit like hard but I worked and if u missed some spots it would show up after it would dry out.

CindyR42 years ago

I accidentally broke a holder with a burning votive candle on my daughter's glass coffee table yesterday, she wasn't home but would be within the hour. I carefully scraped the hardened wax with a steak knife then rubbed the remaining wax with some peanut butter on a paper towel.....WOW!! The table was restored to its pre-waxed condition! My daughter will never know........this was so easy, I just had to share.

mommaV4 years ago
My mother in law got candle was on her glass table and was looking for ways to remove it. I found this site and gave her some ideas, she had a little Vodka left in a bottle and poured it on the was and it wiped right off!!
Just wipe it with an alcohol wipe. It comes off like butter
mg0930mg8 years ago
I think Paper bags, work better than paper towels. Just set it over, iron it up, and it's gone. :)
Blow dryer set on heat.
legionlabs8 years ago
Trisodium phosphate, 200 gram solution in 1 liter warm water, supposedly removes wax. It is sold cheaply at paint stores. Apply and rub with a firm bristled brush. If you are concerned about chemical safety, read the MSDS safety data sheet first.
jtobako8 years ago
At this point, I assume you need to dissolve a thin layer of wax off the glass. Use a product like 'goo gone' which is mostly citrus oil.
provided the wax is in a thick chunk- it can be removed with a plasic knife/spatula. then the mark should just polish out.
lutziepv088 years ago
try boiling water in simple amounts and a razor.
Sandisk1duo8 years ago
scrape it off of get a paper towel and a iron put the towel on the wax, heat with the iron, wipe away...
janets948 years ago
You can do one of a couple of things. If it is just regular glass, carefully (so that you don't cut yourself) shave the wax off using a razor blade (the kind that goes into a utility knife). You can also get flat edge razors with handles at your local home improvement store. Just ask someone who works there. If it is frosted glass, you might want to try laying three or four sheets of paper towel over the wax (depending on how much wax) and running a medium-hot iron over it. The wax will melt into the paper towels. Then, spray and wipe with 409 to remove any residual, and spray a final coat of windex and wipe for the clear shine. Hope this helps!
aeromancy8 years ago
Here is an ehow article.