how do i make make a diy squib?

i love making movies and was just wondering how to make a cheap and easy gunshot effect or squib.
i had the idea of using an old water pistol but would it work?

Cyclone17643 years ago
An L shapped copper pipe piece wit a plastic bag on the bottom,
attach it on with a rubber band and cover with caulk
fill the where the blood should come out with fake blood and simpily apply pressure to the bag.
Its very simple to make and has surprising results!! (I am working on an ible)
FoolishSage4 years ago
I put the word "squib" in the search bar and the first four hit are (drum roll please):

For a bang with no blood

Explosives and blood

This one looks like it shoots allot of blood

And finally CO2 powered

I hope one of these can serve your purpose
monkeys98 (author)  FoolishSage4 years ago
thanks ive seen these and they are quite good.