how does a jet lighter work?

hey im wanting to try and make my own jet lighter but i dont know how the main turbine part works. if someone coud post a few pitures like the shape of the blades the layout of them and how the gas and air mixes that would be a big help thanks    (^_^)

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the_mad_man7 years ago
From my understanding, jet lighters are basically like mini Bunsen burners. The butane fuel goes through a special nozzle with air intakes in it. The fuel is forced through this nozzle which acts as a carburettor mixing the fuel and air at the right rate, so it burns at maximum efficiency.

There are two kinds of jet lighters that I know of. The first has a little piece of wire with a glob of metal (probably platinum like lemonie said) which has two effects:
one: It changes the colour of the flame to either red or green (that I've seen)
two: it makes the flame extremely wind resistant by heating up and acting kind of like a glow plug.

The second kind is (personally) my favorite. It has a slightly different shaped nozzle and no metal glob in it. It has a flame very similar to an oxy-torch which means it is fair bit hotter than the first kind. The downside to this kind of lighter is, because of the lack of the metal glob, it is not as wind resistant as the first kind.

I can upload some pictures of the first kind of nozzle, but not right now because I can't find my camera.
rug (author)  the_mad_man6 years ago
thanks huge help
frollard7 years ago
The 'magic' of a jet lighter is a sneaky part called a venturi. (wikipedia it) -- it involves high speed fluid flowing into a tube of similar fluid -- causing the tube of fluid to also flow.

Combustion being a chemical reaction requires an exact amount of fuel and oxygen to be fully complete. (wikipedia: Stoichiometry) Regular lighters just emit the gas into the atmosphere and the flame burns the butane as soon as the fuel comes close enough to some air (containing oxygen) allowing it to burn.  Just fuel or just oxygen wont burn -- hence why the flame never goes into a lighter and explodes it...

The part about the jet lighter that makes it so much more efficient (and hotter) is the venturi pre-mixes the gasses in the ideal (read: Stoicheometric) balance BEFORE combusion, and the higher speed of the gasses forces them through nozzles designed not to let the flame burn backwards toward the gas source. 
Re-design7 years ago
THere is no turbine or blades. It's just a pressurized canister of butane and shoots the "jet" of fuel out to ignite.
and theres also fins in the lighter something like a jet but no moving parts to make the fuel to that special pattern of the flame
It tends to vary from lighter to lighter. In my experience, higher end lighters do have the "fins" you're talking about to create a sort of fire vortex out of the nozzle. This is the case with my blowtorch.
rug (author) 7 years ago
thanks so much eveyone
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oh just woundering why does the jet lighter part in accidental poket jet have turbines ???
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or are they just vents ???
lemonie7 years ago

Are these the ones with a platinum (or other rare-metal) catalytic device?
You'd need precious-metal wire.