how often do you feed a leopard gecko?

I want to buy a gecko but i don't know when to feed it.

meitate6 years ago
Depending on it's age, everyday or every other day. Start out by giving it 4 to 5 crickets at first, if it's still looking for food add a few more. After 5 to 10 minutes take the leftover crickets out.NEVER LEAVE CRICKETS IN THE TANK! The crickets will bite your gecko. I know, my Leo has a big bite on the left side of his nose. If you do accidentally leave them in the tank, and your Leo gets bitten, it'll be traumatized and refuse to eat crickets again.
MrBunny8 years ago
If it is still young feed it every day, the crickets shouldn't any larger than its head :)
squirt85008 years ago
You should regularly feed it about 5 crickets every two days.