how to convert a generator to be a welding machine?

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Most home generators put out sufficient voltage to run household appliances but for welding you need a lot of current (amps) which portable generators are not designed to produce.As Re-Design said you can use your generator to run a small welder depending on the generators wattage output.
Re-design8 years ago
Use the generator to power a welder.
the amperage that a power generator makes won't be enough to do much. Not to mention there will be about 5 wires comming off the stator for things such as 120, 220, and DC.   As far as my knowledge goes.. I would personally just buy a welder
A welding generator/alternator is wound differently from a power generator/alternator. A welder needs high currents at low voltage, a power system high voltages and low currents. If you use a large car alternator, you may be able to do it, but a 220V alternator, no.
lemonie8 years ago
What generator? What welding machine?

Koosie8 years ago
Makes me think of an arc welder.

Smack metal clamps on the two wires coming from the generator, one to ground, one to hold the welding rod.

I heavily doubt if it will have enough strength but it would be a good project to try.