how to hook up a home pc speaker with a car stereo?

i'm using a pc speaker and an IPAQ in my car. The audio is great not bad for a pc speaker compare to a stock car speaker. I bought a new car stereo to replace my IPAQ but i didnt sound nice. i only manage to have a whistling sound on the subs. i look it up in the net and some says its possible but i coudnt figure out how. help pls. thanks

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Capt. Howdy8 years ago
i found an artical on Sound & Vision. When you try to drive 4 ohm speakers with an 8 ohm stereo the stereo will "choke" or try to lower its output to keep from burning out its amp. Thats why your speakers sound like they do. Hope this helps.http://www.soundandvisionmag.com/resources/857/resource-center-receivers-page3.html
nhad_ke35 (author)  Capt. Howdy8 years ago
yup i guess this is the best reason why i'm getting a bad output. thanks, i guess ill be needing to install the car speaker i got awhile ago. but the altec lansing and IPAQ really sounds better than a stock car speaker :(
ther is an instructable on how to hook a mp3 player to a stereo. i hooked one to an old boom box tape head and it worked. i'm gonna try hookin it up to my car stereo. Good luck
Capt. Howdy8 years ago
pc speakers are 4 ohm car stereo's are 8 ohm. i've never tried this but i figure something will release the mysterious blue smoke lol
nhad_ke35 (author)  Capt. Howdy8 years ago
i already connected the stereo to the speakers and it didnt burn. the problem is, even in full volume the audio is still too low
http://www.soundandvisionmag.com oops the other link may not work maybe this one will. What they are saying is that when you hook up 4 ohm speakers to an 8 ohm stereo the stereo will throttle back to keep from burning its amp.