how to make a apple id with out using a credit card number?

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agrover16 years ago
can u plzz give da steps without using da credit card and making da apple id!!
The way I did is to try downloading a free app, then creating an account when it asks you to sign in. It will give you the option of not selecting a card.

Hope this helps
Great answer. I did that, too. I don't want to spread all my credit data to all the internet, so I went without the credit information and only use iTunes-gift-cards.
This works really well.
lemonie6 years ago

What's that then?

Kiteman lemonie6 years ago
It's your Apple username, when you're shopping on iTunes or the Apps Store.
Kiteman6 years ago
You do not need a credit card to get an Apple ID, just a valid email address.

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