who will post a knex sniper with less pieces but more power?

I myself don't have a lot of k'nex and I found maybe 2 good snipers that I cant build can someone post a good one that doesn't deal with a lot of k'nex but has good range

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Wafflicious8 years ago
Try cornercutter if you want power with about 40 peices
killr_hair8 years ago
i couldnt find the user cornercutter. is that the exact name?
thats not a username, its a gun name.
TigerNod8 years ago

This was the fist slingshot mech ever created. You can make this in just ten minutes, though the power is not that high compared to the soprami or something and the gun is very flimsy. But it still pwns.
sipriani v1
v2 is better.
DJ Radio8 years ago
try my sniper.
I've got to agree with DJ Radio, the sipriani v1 isn't that good (maybe the v2, or SR-v1 pistol).
when did i say the spirani v1 wasnt good?
You didn't, I did.
then why did you say that you agreed with me if i didnt say it?
I meant that your's is a good choice.
oh ok.
dsman1952768 years ago
try my sniper, it does not use to many pieces, and it gets a good range and power.
No, it doesn't use many pieces, and has AMAZING RANGE, and AMAZING POWER! :P
Search MSR. Its a good one.
that one never works for me =(