i live in bangalore,india...can anyone help me to find the dremel?

Hey ppl u all knw dremel is a must tool for many of the DIY projects and case modding...so can u plz help me 2 find one in my city...bangalore,india

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After buying the dremel 300, the only problem I've had is finding good attachment kits. I did buy one for about 1200rs from a different manufacturer. The sanding drums were nothing compared to those which came with the dremel.
I purchased mine at the Goodwill Enterprises on SP road.Brilliant store. More like a supermarket for tools.
thetoolguy6 years ago
Hi, you can buy dremel tools online, from www machpowertools com

Manishaa6 years ago
Dude.. its available everywhere in Bangalore.. Both metro stores stock it.. also its available in Bosch specialist stores in Koramangala, SPJ road and even adugodi. try their toll free no. 1800 425 8665 and they will let you know its nearest store.. all accessories are also easily avaiilable.. what are you gonna use it for?
dilipn8 years ago
try this place, they are the importers of dremel in India MOTOR INDUSTRIES CO LTD HOSUR ROAD, ADUGODI, BANGALORE-560030
JCO728 years ago
look under "rotary tool" online. There are several inexpensive models out there.
beagle dogz8 years ago
there is a cheape dremel in www.ebay.co.au and it is shiped to india
subrotos8 years ago
Dremel is sold in India by Bosch India (220 V models and they even stock hard-to-find spares.) I would avoid Farnell because (in general) their prices are chillingly high! Bosch India is usually very helpful (you could try phone their B'lore office . . .) Hope this helps.
laljacob8 years ago
I bought mine from Dubai for about the same price as these guys in Bangalore. Copy paste the following link for Dremel 400 series in Bangalore. Good Luck.
You might be able to create a home made version If you can find a universal motor. Those types of motors run at high speed and are found on sewing machines and vacuum cleaners. Visit your local sewing machine or vac repair shop . They might have something that will work. Note1:You can reverse the direction of rotation on these motors by swapping the wires connected to the carbon brushes. Note2: If you want speed control ,a sewing machine foot pedal will work, but electronic speed controls are the best . Purely resistive speed controls found on older sewing machines don't work as well. Later I'll post pictures of one I made from a weedwacker.
=SMART=8 years ago
Be carefull with the power supply if you get one, you dont want to fry it !!
krsna1988 (author) 8 years ago
dude...a dremel tool is one similar tool to drill but w.o the handle...it has other accessories by which u can cut ,drill or engrave anything
rsk115848 years ago
Dude u can just go to ebay.in or some hardware shop in ur city and buy one simple drill and then u can modify those drill bits , that willl be possible i think so im aslo from india, but can u exactly tell me what a dremel does ???
I don't know where you could get one in Bangalore, but have you tried internet shopping? you could order one from here or you could try ebay.
haptotrope8 years ago
You may have better luck ordering the bits and attaching them to a drill wired for Indian Voltage.