i need brushes for a wet saw motor item #98265?

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caarntedd4 years ago
I have "made" brushes for motors when the correct ones have been unobtainable for whatever reason. I have taken brushes from old or little used tools or machines, broken tools or motors, spare brushes from other equipment, and have even purchased ones similar to the ones I required when the dealer didn't have the ones I needed. Just make sure they are long enough and the pigtail wire is thick enough, then rub them on sandpaper until they are reduced to the correct size, and away you go!
I have never had any equipment problems doing this.
Dude like wow item #98265
More information please make model
petercd4 years ago
Check in the bottom of the box if you still have it, every power tool Ive bought usually has a spare set included.
Burf4 years ago
If that is a Harbor Freight, Chicago Electric tool, call: 1-800-444-3353.
They can give you the info you need and likely take your order if you so choose.
Would help to know the brand and model of the wet saw in question.