i want to make a 6v ac-dc adapter

i want to make a ac to dc converter which will give an output of 6v under the input of 220v to 240v. if it is possible please help me with the circuit diagram as well as the list of parts required for the project. it will be a great favor to me.

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praveenpv15 years ago
if it was to be bought then why this site. experience comes from experience.instead of helping him make a adapter why do u people discourage him.
rickharris6 years ago
Current required? regulated supply? Voltage range acceptable?

Skill level??

playing with mains is risky.

Personally I think it will cost you less or about the same to buy a wall wart type power supply. OR as suggested use one you already have.
lemonie6 years ago

You would probably find it easier to find / buy one (used or new) than source the transformer that you need. Why the interest in making one, or do you have the transformer already?

Re-design6 years ago
Here's the perfect diagram for your use.

If you don't need a regulated supply and can use a voltage that will be approx. 6 volts substitute a 6 volt transformer for the one shown and omit everything after C1,

Be careful with the 220.
iceng Re-design6 years ago
aelias366 years ago
How experienced are you? What will it be used for?