identifying unknown electronic component?

Could anyone tell me what the red electronic component might be?

Picture of identifying unknown electronic component?
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iceng3 years ago

It's a slow blow micro fuse 3Amp @ 250v one time fuse.

Looks like a 1/4 watt resistor, beige body with 1 brown stripe in the center of the body

nfarrow (author) 3 years ago

Radial Lead Fuses

373 Series

TR5® > Fast-Acting > 373 Series

AMP CodeRated CurrentVoltage Rating

1160 1.60A 250V

nfarrow (author)  nfarrow3 years ago

Oops 3Amp

iceng nfarrow3 years ago

BTW, Thanks for the best answer.

iceng nfarrow3 years ago

Presuming you know the item in your possession.

All I know when searching the TR5® > I read ... Slow-Blow ..... But I was tired and could have scanned the article badly :-(

It did make sense to me that a fuse that needs soldering to change would be less annoying protection if it was not a hair trigger.

I know I would never put such a fuse in any of my creations !