is there a coconut plucking machine developed as it is very difficult to find coconut pluckers these days?

is there any coconut plucking machine developed?

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Amcor6 years ago
There are 3 or 4 models made so far from south Indian states of Kerala and Karnataka. But none of them good enough to do the job in a farm environment.

A real machine if devoleped may cost more than 5 lakhs ruppees. Every body is looking for an automated machine for Rs 1000 !

lemonie7 years ago

They're similar to Pheasant-pluckers in that you don't find them too easily.


Buy an industry / trade magazine.
...or their mates ;-)
Re-design7 years ago
Are you looking for a "picker" or a "husker"???
I think there's a reason why it's done by hand. The old fronds will get in the way of baskets and scoops even if you could manage to get them all the way up into the canopy. You could potentially shake them down with machines similar to the ones used on almond farms and such, but then there'd be the issue of getting the machine to the tree.

Maybe you could ask your local fire department to lend you one of their tree climbers or call an arborist/tree removal service who have people experienced in climbing up tall crazy trees.
Jayefuu7 years ago
If you tape enough pager motors to a coconut tree it might just shake them loose.
kelseymh7 years ago
If you want to build your own, you might start with the "papaya picker" that was posted recently, and adapt it to your needs.
Kiteman7 years ago
If you are googling, look for coconut harvesting or coconut picking:

It seems that your best bet is to use a curved blade on a very long handle. I don't know how tough a coconut stem is, but if you have a power-supply within reach, you might consider a long-handled modification to alligator loppers -