name for Altoids robot?

i need a name for altoid bot im creating it has to attenas on the front a reed switch and skid steers runs on a picaxe microcontroller motor driver board . iknow this isnt a real question but in some sense it is it need to be cool no altoid robot or somthing lame like that

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BobCat8 years ago
Alto. wikipedia: Alto is a musical term, derived from the Latin word altus, meaning "high"...
Kiteman8 years ago
Ro-toid? Altobot? Sweet roach? Experi-mint-al robot?
D5quar3 Kiteman7 years ago
 Like the last one

ppol7 years ago
curiously strong alt-bot
stevenh4298 years ago
Definitely the Toid-bot.
OBar8 years ago
marnat38 years ago
Will Robinson Dan Ger