trying to make a simple motion sensor to be fitted on a car wheel ?

i'm trying to make a very simple motion sensor which will turn on and off a few LED lights with the movement of the car wheel, the only tough part is it needs to be installed inside a cars wheel cap and i can only use salvaged parts. i need to make it waterproof and shock proof too so that the parts don't just fall off if the car is moving at a high speed...

jbaker225 years ago
Put a shake flash light powering a transmitter on it.
Re-design5 years ago
Anything you mount inside a hub cap is going to unbalance that wheel and cause it to shimmy. Not a safe thing and whoever is driving is gonna be mad.
rickharris5 years ago
How fast do you think your car wheel rotates? I don't think your going to directly be flashing LEDs it will be too fast.

Hall effect sensor comes to mind.

Reed switch

magnet and coil of wire.