type of on/ off switches?

hello! today i have made my mini dc motor 12 v operating table saw using a power jack and rocker on/off switch 6A and 250VA. When i power the dc motor i suddenly saw that my power adapter is adjusted on 18v but i instantly switch off the motor after some seconds. Later on i adjusted my adapter power on 12v and again power the motor but after 30 seconds my motor is not working. When i try to on/off my power button i assumed that it has been loose which means it has burnt, remaining all connections are ok but motor is heated and rocker power on/off switch is also heated. Please let me know why this happened?

More so, did i operate a 12v dc motor with 18v current?

Probably it has to much current coming through that it burn the components so it heated them up so that is probably why it's heated.

randofo8 months ago

What type of motor is it? How big is the motor? Do you know what the motor's operating voltage is?

yasirh7 (author)  randofo8 months ago
It is a small dc motor 12v i think 30000 rpm or so. Unfortunatey i bought it from aliexpress and there is nithing print on it which i assume. Moreover, there is no + - symbols on battery connectors. In this condition how could i guess which motor side is + or -?
randofo yasirh78 months ago

My guess is that you over-powered the motor and damaged one of the coils. Now, when you power it up, something is likely shorting (is my theory). Try powering the motor briefly off just the 12V power supply and see if that works.

Do you have the link?