what app games can u buy with out the wifi?

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JackYan093 years ago

Hello friends:

it's Jack here.

I suppose that you could download the app games from the computer.Then install these apps in your mobile phone.

Hope my advice is helpful to you.

www1394 years ago
ones 50 megabytes or smaller. One of my favorites is "hill climb racing". If you need wifi,click here. It's free!!
dog digger5 years ago
Depends on what your account allowance is for internet data assuming this is a phone. The iphone'd limmit for non-wifi downloads is 10mb
BOOM56017 years ago
Files that are not too big can be downloaded without wifi, such as 10-20 mb and less, because otherwise of the file is too big it stops you from downloading them. But remember, downloading without wifi can be very expensive.
Grathio7 years ago
I'm working from memory but I believe that any games under 10 megs in size should work. 

This assumes you're talking about the iPhone and you're in the United States.

And that my memory is correct.
Doctor What7 years ago
You need to explain further.

What console, item, etc would these app games be purchased for?
I believe he/she is talking about the iPhone.
 Well, it could be many things, such as the iPhone, or it could be something like Wiiware.

Also, "with out the wifi" could mean many different things, such as "which iPhone games can I buy without internet?" or "which iPhone games can I buy that don't need to connect to the internet to work?"

The description and title is too vague to properly give advice.