what are some cool things to do to a car? that are diy and inexpensive?

silonius6 years ago
Depends on what you're going for. I've seen some MPG aero mods that could be done with time and found materials. Befriending someone who owns a graphic shop and could give you some mistake vinyl would also be cool and free!
Chicken22096 years ago
Destroying it, Mythbusters style!
 Let's see...

-Dropped out of helicopter
-Dropped from crane
-Blown up with gasoline and detacord
-Cut in half with thermite
-Putting stuff into the fuel tank to increase mileage
-Crunched with supersonic rocket sled (My favorite)
-Driven through a multitude if things (Fruit stand, fence, trailer)
-Cutting the drive-shaft to pole vault it
-Attaching 4 rocket engines to the back

I cant think of anything better to do with a car!
Spud186 years ago
For looks: Repaint your car (a few tutorials to cover how to do this), Hood lights, Underglow, make/buy Exhaust Tip, LEDs in the interior, and perhaps make a cheap mesh grille. For performance: Replace your air filter if it is dirty, change your oil, replace fuel filter, replace spark plug wires with performance ones, replace brake pads/shoes, octane booster, replace spark plugs, and replace your muffler. Those are the cheapest things I can think of to modify your car for less than $200 per mod. Also, don't use junk oil and lubricants.
Putzer6 years ago
Is it currently running? I think having a running car is cool, especially if you say you got it that way yourself.
Rishnai6 years ago
Paint. Newspaper, masking tape, skill, and a rattle can are all you really need to customize the skin. You can pinstripe, or at least try. Mineral spirits wipes off mistakes from a clearcoated vehicle.
AB foam and spray paint