what are the functions of origami?

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BeanGolem8 years ago
Hmm... functions of origami...

Well, as with many artforms, there are certainly both manual and cognitive benefits to performing origami.

Are you asking about the purpose of origami?
pauluschristopher (author)  BeanGolem8 years ago
well, yes. tq
The same purposes as any art form. To entertain yourself and others.
judith_ou8 years ago
SFHandyman8 years ago
It is a contemplative, and calming hobby, like knitting, or needlework. Most items you make are decorative/artistic.

Some utilitarian folds are used for things like folding dinner napkins, and wrapping gifts.

It's a good hobby for someone studying geometry, or interested in math.

Mostly it's just fun.

I made a lot of toys and figures when I was a kid, but now I'm into unit or polyhedron origami.