what if the school computer wouldnt let this web site on either are there other websites please telll me?

well just ley me know if there are other web sites

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Brookee8 years ago
Try thiis !!.... www.adminssuck.com trust me it will work ! Caatch Yaa .Ox
AndyGadget8 years ago
Suggest to your teacher that they get the Instructables website unblocked by the I.T. department. Put a case that Instructables is an educational and informative site full of projects which encourage young people to make all manner of items which will develop their constructional and planning skills and develop their imaginations as they expand on the projects they've seen. That's got to be better for them than watching telly or playing on a console all day, hasn't it!
It would take a little longer, but how about publishing a couple of GOOD QUALITY Instructables, printing them off and showing them to your teacher.
(And pay attention in those English lessons ;¬)
lemonie8 years ago
It does (allow)? There are millions of other websites, did you have something specific in mind? L
XOIIO8 years ago
Well, you might be able to get around it, when you google the site, when you see the result, and the little blue box at the bottom that says cached, try changing it, or just search around instructables to find a hack.