what is the best graphic card for my PC?

my PC specs are :

motherboard : BIOSTAR PURO HI-FI A85W
processor      : AMD A8 APU 5600K Quad core 3.60 Ghz
RAM                 : 8 GB
OS                   : windows 7 ultimate 64-bit
VGA                 : ATI RADEON HD 5570
HDD                : 1 TB

If i wan't to change my graphic card for best gaming result what is the best VGA card should i buy? 

bwrussell3 years ago
Not sure you can even get cards with native VGA anymore so make sure you have an adapter (Some cards might come with one).
What do you want to spend? What's your power supply output? Are there some that you are considering? Are there any features, besides VGA, that you are looking for (Shadowplay, Eyefinity, SLI, etc)?
The literal best card will cost close to $1000 and probably would require a PSU much more powerful than yours. Check out tomshardware.com for benchmarking and comparisons.
Consider spending a little less on a GPU and getting a SSD to go with it and use it for installing your games.
samaddon3 years ago
Depends on what power supply your system has.
sevinstraus3 years ago
Check out to me hardware.com. the do monthly recommendations at various price points.