what's charcoal briquette?

I might seem dumb to you but here in New Zealand we have nothing with that name?

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Its "artificial charcoal", if you like, its made by compressing powdered charcoal BACK into little bricks with a starch binder.
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Also (if I may) briquettes are highly inferior to regular charcoal for every conceivable purpose.
A briquette is a block of flammable matter used as fuel to start and maintain a fire. Source: http://www.chipperanddryer.com
novice1016 years ago
Briquettes may have up to 30% clay to help bind the powdered charcoal. Usually 15% to 20%. This reduces the heat available and increases the ash.
lemonie7 years ago
While I won't disagree with steve's comment, there's probably more than charcoal in them. Or it's compressed first from wood-chip and then "cooked".
Burns fast and tends to be high-ash.

caarntedd7 years ago
Heat Beads.