when a guy dumps you for no reason what-so-ever and then hates you for absolutely no reason, what the HECK do you do???

my boyfriend dumped me for no reason at all, i mean he was having a perfectly fine day then i receive a text from him saying "ITS OVER", i was crushed, but now hes in over his head, of course i still have feelings for him but he is making it his point to hurt me in every way possible, and every time i am about to get over him, he comes up to me out of nowhere and gives me a sweet compliment, like, you look beautiful today hannah. GRR. what is goin on??? this is sooo confusing. im only 16, i shouldnt have to put up with this. WHAT DO I DO?!?!?!?!?!?!

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As I said to another young lady with similar issues on here a couple of weeks back, just tell yourself you've got to kiss a lot of frogs to find a prince......

I got a best answer from her for that !

iPodGuy8 years ago
What do you do?  Go out with his best friend.
i agree wit tht thnku even tho i dont no you
hannah16 (author)  iPodGuy8 years ago
lmfoa hee hee, i am, but not to get back at him, he has liked me for two years and now im givin him a chance
you round-house kick him in the face  =) 
Z..8 years ago
It's all been said. And you do know don't you?

That kind of behaviour=not worth it=walk away.

Think positive. Be good to yourself. Best wishes!
frollard8 years ago
If someone truly breaks up with you via text message, they lack the communication skills and bravery to do it in person.  You don't want a person like that.
if he dumps for no good reason, and hates you for no good reason, then you have 2 reasons to forget about him.  You got lots more time to find someone that is worth your time.
 Here's another possibility, but only if he has never broken up with you before. Does he have a bratty younger sibling or mischievous friend?

But if you confront him about the text message and he admits to writing it, you should think very carefully before giving him another chance. As with physical violence, breaking up with someone is not something you just "accidentally" do.

The most important thing is to communicate. Don't be left wondering what happened. If his friend is to blame, find out. If he admits to writing it but feeds you some line about "I was just having a bad day", call his parents to ask what's really happening.

orksecurity8 years ago
If it's really for no reason... then write him off and ignore him. If he complements you, that's fine; say "thank you" and continue to ignore him.

If he isn't behaving like a friend, he isn't a friend, never mind a boyfriend.

If and when he apologizes and/or explains himself, you can reconsider whether he's worth spending time on. Until then... he's gone, don't waste your time.
callmeshane8 years ago
He is obviously possessed by evil spirits.

Find herd of swine on a hill side near the sea, get a bunch of ancient aramaic sayings, "mutter them sequentially" until the evil spirits leave your ex BF, and go into the herd.

Failing that, sew up a voodoo doll.... and stick it with long hat pins...

Burf8 years ago
Drop him like a dead skunk!
You can do better, much better than him. Why put up with the aggravation?
qparker8 years ago
sorry,but it's obvious, HE'S CHEATING ON YOU! dump him and get over it, you're SIXTEEN!!!!! you should know this!!

Re-design8 years ago
Forget about him.  That is how trash treats other people.

Find someone else look him in the eye and smile.