which solar panel is needed to run a 24 volt 1kw motor?

i am working on a project of solar tricycle and i wanna know which solar panel is required to run a 24volt 1kw motor. so that it can produce full power

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-max-8 months ago

If you're asking questions like this then you are likely doomed to failure. Things to consider:

Solar cells do NOT produce regulated outputs. You can expect nearly twice the open circuit voltage under no load, and big changes / sags in the voltage under load.

You should have some sort of MPPT / power management module to charge a large bank of batteries to act as a buffer which allows the tool to operate much better. Solar cells need a very specific load in order to maximize efficiency and power transfer. If you load them down too much, then the voltage sags more than resulting current increase, and power actually diminishes. If you do not load them down enough, then the output voltage starts to converge to a maximum value and you aren't getting the full power either.

You should understand that motors can draw LOTs of current when getting up to speed, powering it directly from a panel that is barely big enough would mean the motor would struggle to self-start, and may burn out if it sits there not spinning but consuming lots of power.

iceng -max-8 months ago


Well said.

I do not think we will hear sachina again.

Downunder35m8 months ago

1kW = 1000W
Add an actual load and the resistance to start and get going and you might need more than 5kW coming from somewhere.
Unless you are located somewhere in a sunny desert I suggest to start with around 2.5kW in solar panels.
Add suitable batteries and charge controllers and for about $5000 you have it all running.


Exactly, if sachina gets into the hardware stage he/she doesn't understand electric motors over a horsepower pull 5 to 8 times the rated current when starting up.

Of course the solar array cannot deliver 8X, all it means is the machine will do a long slow start.. Essentially the array will act as a motor starter..

I include a most excellent manual motor starter that even has a safety release for overload conditions and click the pic to see the whole image...

A good day cloud is a natural motor stopper as night fall is a stop...

Starter d.c.-motor.jpg
iceng8 months ago

There you are, Mr. Murchison has pointed to the size array that you only need only one sixth 1/6 of to run that 41amp 24volt motor at noon (lunchtime)...

You are looking at a lot of solar cells.

Maybe this Instructable will help: