windows xp themes?

i want to know if its possible and if so how to change the windows xp taskbar etc etc. to another colour other then silver, green and blue without having to use the classis theme please help

kevinhannan7 years ago
No, it doesn't - here is the link -


did you even try it?

There are pages of themes.

You can also Google it.
redsuit09 (author)  kevinhannan7 years ago
thanks this hyperlink worked.... the other one from display settings didnt.... do you know what boot screens are? are those the background when you choose who to log in as or what?
kevinhannan7 years ago
Go to Start >> Control Panel >> Display >> Themes and it's all there - heck, you can even make your own themes! (Go to Microsoft for this and type in "themes") Mine's the Simpson's - D'oh! I think I've bust my halo for today - ... don't know if I dare answer any more Q's!!!
redsuit09 (author)  kevinhannan7 years ago
it says that the discontinued it.... when i click browse it searches for themes... is there anywhere else i could get them?