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Welcome to the world of photography. Photographs can be a powerful tool for sharing stories and experiences through images. They can express emotion, carry a narrative, demonstrate principles; cameras are potent instruments for documenting the human condition and sharing moments from life. A single image can transform the way a story is contextualised and perceived.

In this class, we will begin to explore basic camera functions and how we can get amazing images just by slightly adjusting the way we see the world, then apply this new found awareness to making (not taking) pictures.

With the skills you learn in this class, you can enter the Photography Contest!

About the Teacher

Hi! I'm Audrey, I am an artist, photographer, videographer, and performer who is completely obsessed with DIY. I have worked as a photojournalist, film producer & director, and art conservator before joining the Instructables Design Studio in 2012. I love developing stories through my camera, and can't wait to see what experiences you share with your camera after you take this beginning photography class.

When I'm not working on super sweet DIY projects for Instructables, I'm expanding my conceptual art portfolio, building custom electronics for musical performance, and photographing interesting litter I find in urban areas.

// follow me to see what I'm up to:





Lesson 1: Let's Begin

Are you completely new to photography? This lesson outlines the course and how this class approaches making images.

Lesson 2: Choosing a Camera, Tools and Supplies

Choosing which camera is best for you can be daunting when you are starting out, this lesson guides your purchase choices so that you can make the best images for your shooting needs.

Lesson 3: Getting to Know Your Camera

This lesson dives into the anatomy of your digital camera, and how the parts work together to create images.

Lesson 4: Important Camera Settings

Digital cameras are tiny computers with lots of options and settings. This lesson outlines best practices for setting up your camera, and common menu features.

Lesson 5: Holding the Camera

How you hold the camera is important to your image quality and your composition. This lesson demonstrates how simple adjustments to holding your camera can greatly improve your image quality.

Lesson 6: Tripods and Supports

Hold still! This lesson goes over how to select a tripod and provides some insight on which tripods work best for your image making needs.

Lesson 7: Natural Lighting

This lesson exlains how photographers utilize the sun to light their images, and a fun project to get help you harness the sun creativley in your images.

Lesson 8: Artificial Lighting

Who needs the sun when you have light bulbs?! This lesson goes over the use of on-camera flash as well as affordable lighting solutions. We'll wrap this lesson by building a simple portable light kit.

Lesson 9: Composition

See how to construct images in this lesson about composition. Important principles covered: Rule-of-Thirds, Elements of Design, and a fun homework assignment to practice tuning your eye.

Lesson 10: Next Steps for Photography

We've covered the basics, now it's time to develop your style and start shooting in manual mode.