A 12v Regulator in a USB hub?

I havea spare USB hub and it's not used. I wanted to take it apart and take the regulator out of it. It has a part number: PJ1084/CM 1B1. After Googling the part number I've found that it's a 12v 5A regulator, why? The mains adapter with it is only 7.5v, so where does 12V come from, the only thing that I know is 12V is the PS2, and this is definetly not for that.

Josho (author) 10 years ago
Hmm, I couldn't find anything about 5v. Anyway, nope it's a standard 4 USB Hub.
LasVegas Josho10 years ago
[http://javascript:semiconductor('electronics','90240','ETC','PJ1084','device'); Here] is the spec sheet on the component. Note the output voltage is 5V.
LasVegas10 years ago
That's a 5v 5A voltage regulator. Maximum input voltage is 12v, but output voltage is 5v. It's interesting that they're using such a high current regulator in a hub though. Is it more than 4 ports?
Josho (author) 10 years ago
I'm geting some 7805s to make some of them 9v USB charges, interested in an instructable, on that and also it defeating the The hub doesn't have enough power available to operate the USB Device. Would you like assistance in solving this problem? T Problem.