A new Knex competition (And no, this is not a thread to advertise a TGKT spin-off!)

I am just going to say before I start that this is not a flame thread, and I just want to see how everyone feels about this. I do not want any immaturity or namecalling here. Any comments, from anyone, that include namecalling will be flagged.

Now, a while ago Radioactive started a competition for those who were not included in the 'Grand Knex Snob Expert Contest' (Is that right, Radio?) What I am suggesting is that we run a smaller competition for those that have not earned the title of Knexpert (a term which I feel is used too loosely these days). It can run after the TGKT, and can be run by a party that would not wish to participate. People who were in the TGKT would not be able to enter, to give the less experienced a chance.

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TheDunkis8 years ago
Honestly I think that if they want to compete in a competition that they should just get better and wait until they have a chance. They don't make professional unprofessional game competitions do they? The sole purpose of competing is to see who is the best and that's hard to do when you don't have some of the best in the first place. I'm not trying to stop you guys but really what is the point?
DJ Radio8 years ago
I could prob. run it, and have the participants be active knexers who were not entered in TGKT round 1. We could have someone entered in TGKT judge our entries also.
Mepain9 years ago
Knexpert (a term which I feel is used too loosely these days)

Yeah I miss when you guys ran the joint. Once you guys left it was too easy to impress what was left. I don't feel any sort of accomplishment was made yet so basically I'm just hoping that I become a second generation knelder.
knelder lol
haha have you been reading Nicholas Flemmel?
knexguy (author)  Mepain9 years ago
About 50% of the active community is considered a Knexpert these days. To be honest, I don't consider myself a Knexpert.
I don't consider myself a knexpert either
me neither. I have yet to revolutionize knex gunning in a little way. But I think my OHP sidearm should do the trick OHP- one handed pistol. No need to use your other hand to pull the ram back. Second gun that can be dual-wielded (first one was made by perfect duck). Will have a block-true trigger and mag. not semi-auto tho
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