ALtoids tin + ipod charger + fm transmitter = Awsome

OK i have been thinking about doing this for a while now and i finally did. Its an ipod chaarger and an FM transmitter fitted in a n altoids tin. The top view is the button for the fm transmitter and its green indicator LED beside it THe red button is the button for the ipod charger and its red LED beside it. THe inside pic might look like a tangled mess but i made my wire to long and i had to like jam them in to make them fit The 9V is for the ipod chager and the AAA is for the fm transmitter. Please leave some feedback i want to know how i did. Thanks

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eleclad9 years ago
hi i am an electronics hobbyist-an amateur. Could I have a look at the circuit board or circuit schematics please, i have looked around for this type of thing but this seems to be alot better than the projects i have seen on the web
fretmelter (author)  eleclad9 years ago
i didnt design the board for the tuner....i just took one off the shelf and took the plastic casing off of it then put the internal in my project... but a look on google i have found many schematics for a fm tuner
fretmelter (author) 10 years ago
yes you can just plug it into the headfone jack. And actually i pulled it out of a belkin fm transmitter i bought at the store for 20 bucks but im looking into making my own. And how do you make yor chargers i make mine with iether a 9V or a 12V mini battery.
probablt like this it seems simple i think. im probably ganna need a lot of help tho.
fretmelter (author) 10 years ago
thanks and sure ill join
Where did you get the FM Transmitter circuit board, and can you just plug it in to your mp3 headphone jack?
Brennn1010 years ago
Also, where did you get the circuit board for the FM Transmitter?
Brennn1010 years ago
Make an instructable. I wanna know how to make this. Join my group as well called the Altoids Abusers. That looks really cool Goood Job.