Any recommendations for/against PDF to Word converters?

I need to convert an existing PDF (LaTeX source) document into MS Word format.

A simple Google search ( brings up a number of options, both Web based and installable. Having never done this before, I have no sense of good, bad, dangerous, crappy, whatever.

I'd very much appreciate input from any experts who have done this before (Jake?), especially Macophiles.

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angelacat6 years ago
Actually the pdf to word conversion depends on much how the pdf was created. If it was created from images then the conversion may fail with many converters. Then in that case, you can only turn to OCR program to extract text from pdf. Above it's my experience of this issue.
Now normally I use this pdf to word converter, it can deal with the conversion at relatively good quality that a large part of content from pdf can be preserved in output word files. Though it’s not shareware but it's at low price so just free try it!
kelseymh (author)  angelacat6 years ago
Thank you very much! I'll give it a try, and maybe add it to my list of tools.
I've done a bit more searching and have seen "PDFtoOffice (for Mac)" recommended. No idea if it works well or not.

Oh and one more link the linux way...
kelseymh (author)  Lithium Rain8 years ago
Thanks! At $129, it's a bit pricey for me. I think the basic problem I'm having is that Word doesn't have any idea how to deal with math equations (e.g., the particle decays and names in my CV). So the converters just don't have anything into which to translate the PDF.
Have you tried converting it to rtf or html and then to .doc?
kelseymh (author)  Lithium Rain8 years ago
Hmmm...that's an interesting option. The HTML generator I have (LaTeX2Html) generates little GIFs or PNGs for all of the "equation" stuff. That would end up in a hypothetical Word document as images, rather than actual fonts. It may end up with me hand-copying the thing into Word :-(
Hmm, how critical is formatting? Must it be 10 point same fonts, same margins, etc or is it slightly flexible?
lemonie8 years ago
I suppose it depends upon what type of pdf it is?
If it's a scanned image you'd need OCR or similar, if it's a conversion from Word, HTML, Excel it'd be different. What have you got?

kelseymh (author)  lemonie8 years ago
My original file is LaTeX, which I processed into DVI and thence used dvipdf to get the PDF version (and dvips for the native PostScript version).
Well I tried this:
On this:
And it worked just fine for me.
(I found it, no recommendation / assurances)

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