Best knex creations of 2010

So another year has rolled by.  Many new things were posted, some were pretty good! 

Now I am hosting a community contest to see what people liked the most.  There are 3 categories, and you can select up to 3 creations for each category (You don't have to pick 3 if you don't want to).  So you can pick your top 9 most favorite creations of the year.  The categories are:

Best overall Knex gun

Best Knex replica

Best non-gun.

You can select a creation to go in more than 1 category.  For example, if you thought a knex replica of a real life rollercoaster was good, you could vote for it in the "Best knex replica" and "Best non-knex gun" categories.

There are some restrictions of course.  The creations you vote for HAVE to have a post date of 2010.  Preview pictures can be posted earlier than that, but they have to be posted this year.  Also, you cannot pick a gun that you made.  For example, I cannot vote for my Halo Battle rifle to go in "Best knex replica".  If the creation you vote for came from a site outside of Instructables or KI (like Youtube), you will need to provide a link for it.

What are you waiting for?  Get voiting!  I'm giving away patches to the top 3 winners in each category, plus a patch for my personal favorite, which makes 10.  Voting ends Monday, January 24, which gives you 3 weeks to vote.

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MegaMetal86 years ago
1. Handle pump TR8
2. rec0n's Barrett 3.5, Selez's Dragonov
3. Metropolis, Cataclysm or coin sorter
Barret 3.5? No, sorry :S Even mines is better hahaha
What about THE SWAGBOSS???
Its not....
mahmel6 years ago
knex gun:
Swagboss (I made it, friggin awesome)

aaaargh forget the name (Mr. Stealth's replica, not springfield ad not a dragunov, but...?)
Barrax' AK47 is pretty good too.

DJ Radio (author)  mahmel6 years ago
Mr. Stealth's gun was posted in 2009, it doesn't count. Pick something else.
mahmel DJ Radio6 years ago
ooooh wait, sorry I didn't taught of that at all. :D stupid me
poil876 years ago
best gun
#1 knex crossbow v1.2
#2 LOSA pistol
#3 twin mag pistol
#4 knex mag fed shot gun
#5 h&k m4
MegaMetal86 years ago
And Senior waffleman's SL8
My Votes:

Best overall Gun:
>Handle Pump TR8 (Oodalumps)
>Kinetic Rifle (Kinetic)
>Kinetic's Semi Auto (Kinetic)

Best Replica:
>Halo Battle Rifle (You/ Knexsuperbilderfreak)
>Druganov (Seleziona)
>UMP 45 V2 (TheDunkis)

Best Non-Gun
>Coin Sorter (Shadowman39)
>Alternator Ball Lift (Shadowman39)
>Binder (Hiyadudez)

I think you should have another category: Best Newcomer. There are a few contenders for this, like Icetank, and MegaMetal8.
ME! Thanks
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