Big Powerful Knex Crossbow: Review

Big Powerful Knex Crossbow Review
Made by Wicky.

Alight. Here it is.
1 - Power/Range 8/10 Great power, the ammo goes nowhere near straight though.
2 - Accuracy 8/10 Very good, but once again the ammo doesn't help.
3 - Looks 8/10 I think it looks fine, but it could have been better.
4 - Ease of use (reloading and firing) 10/10 Easy as pie. What else can I say? Just grab the ammo, put it on the elastics pull back and release. I can do about fire about 3 every 2 seconds.
5 - Reliability (does it jam?) 9/10 It never "Jams", but on rare occasions the elastic can catch the ammo and fling it backwards.
6 - Size Efficiency 9/10 Uses very few pieces that are not needed. Barrel is piece efficient too.

Overall: Awesome. Great power, very rapid firing and quite accurate, makes this gun a must. Perfect for wars (could be a tadbit smaller, come to think of it).

Thats it! Thanks for viewing.


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When I made it I used two wheels on each side for twice the power.
check out my modded ap.
Picture 038.jpg
I_am_Canadian (author)  Knex_Gun_Builder8 years ago
Nice! Shoots blues?
no orange conector attached to green rod (:-}) p.s I love the gun! can you make another ap?
I_am_Canadian (author)  Knex_Gun_Builder8 years ago
Im working on a rifle atm...
I had an interesting idea... you should make a spiff that shoots oodammo!
No, sorry I took it apart.
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