Bridge Launching Lego Robot

This bridge launching robot by Flickr user Mahjqa is fantastic!

The curled up bridge on its back is extended out up to 48cm (19 inches) over a gap before the robot  disengages from it so it may drive across. On the other side it can turn around and pick it back up!

[Youtube via Gizmodo]

Picture of Bridge Launching Lego Robot
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dsman1952767 years ago
08techgrad7 years ago
The bridge layer alone is a feat of engineering.  Building it out of Legos, pure genius.  You know the concept well enough to turn it into a working product.  The Thunderbirds theme beats out actual military cadance.
XOIIO7 years ago

OMG! That is amazing! That is soooooooooooo cool! I cant believe he did that!

prodo1237 years ago
That's pretty impressive.. now just apply that to real life.
umm, I'll just leave this here.
 oh -.-'...
lemonie7 years ago
This is a total, total... a word is yet to be invented to describe how totally whatever-it-is this is, but it is one. And a total, total one at that.

 Epic + Outstanding = Epiding!!
Here you go L
Those are verbs, like I'm using "total". But I'm paraphrasing a TV comedy...

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