Cannot find my instructable

Seen this question earlier but for my instructable it's the same:

Yesterday I published an instructable called "One existing remote for all audio devices".
Today I checked on it and saw that I could only find it by going to my profile.
I cannot find it through the search box or recent instructables.
Has it just not gotten published or is something wrong?

Perhaps something with "the filters" ?

Hope someone can fix this...

Kiteman9 months ago

I'm afraid you do seem to be caught in the arcane intricacies of the filters - if a human hasn't released you by the end of tomorrow, drop an email to and ask them to sort it.

jaapdubbelaar (author)  Kiteman9 months ago

Yes, you'r right.

But after 24 hours it was freed.


I didn't do anything myself, but you're welcome.