Can't flag comments as spam?

I tried flagging this user's comment as spam

Such as the one found here:

But I get a javascript error: "Uncaught ReferenceError: feedBack is not defined" in

Using Chrome browser on Windows 7.

That's obviously a comment-spam-only account, so look at both of the comments.  The LED Throwie thread has got several spam comments.

antioch5 years ago
still not fixed, keeps loading forever (turning wheel, says 'sending flag: spam') = chinese advertising account
Kiteman antioch5 years ago
Their only post is gone.

As soon as you see the spinning wheel, the flag has been set - you can refresh, leave the page etc. as normal.

Please remember that most flagged posts do not instantly disappear, a note is sent to staff, who review the post manually and decide whether to remove it.

BrittLiv5 years ago
For me it keeps loading forever (Firefox 12.0, Ubuntu 10.4). Here is an other account
mikeasaurus5 years ago
I've submitted a bug report, thanks!