Clothing, One of The Oldest Technologies

I was reading an article here and it points out that clothing is one of the oldest technologies that is still in use today. Marshall asks a great question, "What will replace clothing made of textiles?" Instructables has done a lot of work on modernizing clothing and I was thinking what treatment would the community here give that question? I think it would be a great competition!

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"What will replace clothing made of textiles?"

Nudity, hopefully.
. Don't you think that if God had meant for us to run around nekkid, we would all have been born with no clothes?
but you didn't count on the recessive fur gene, take stock in the As-Seen-On-TV Manscaper Tool company now.
A doctor, who knew my wife and I quite well, once commented "If you two ever have kids, they'll look like teddy bears."
Not if you cook them long enough.
Ah, but you have to be excessively fecund if you don't want to starve...
EmmettO (author)  caitlinsdad6 years ago
Hmmm. . . not easily a do it yourself project but definitely thinking outside the box!
lemonie6 years ago
Textiles are a flexible materials mate of natural or synthetic fibres, woven / interconnected in some way.
So, leather , rubber and PVC are not textiles - have you any other ideas?

EmmettO (author)  lemonie6 years ago
Well part of the article's thought was something easier to clean, or something that didn't have to be cleaned. I know that people have tried disposable clothing before. Self cleaning clothing might be a bit out of our reach right now.

The trick with rubber and PVC would be to make them comfortable to wear.
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